About Us

Visual Impairment Breconshire, often referred to by the initials VIB, became a registered charity in 2004.  VIB was created by a group of visually impaired and sighted people who came together in the belief that visually impaired people should guide the aims and activities of those with sight loss after the close of the Brecknock Association for the Welfare of the Blind.

VIB is still managed by a committee with a majority of members who have a vision impairment.  With their knowledge and experience, with sighted members and volunteers allow VIB to provide information, social contact and financial aid to people with permanent  sight loss in southern Powys, the former county of Breconshire.  We also represent the needs of visually impaired people to local and national organisations and statutory agencies.

Membership is open to anyone who supports our aims, but is not necessary to use our services, these we make available to any person who resides within Breconshire and has permeant sight loss, regardless whether you have a registered disability or not.

VIB has no office and no administrative staff.  The executive committee meets about six times a year to plan activities and decide on grant applications.  The annual general meeting is usually held in July.