We offer grants and bursaries to any person with a permanent non-correctable vision impairment, living in Breconshire to help pay for equipment, education, services, training and experiences (such as holidays).  Applications are welcome from the vision impaired person, their families, carers or relevant professional.

In general we will not pay for anything that would normally be provided by the National Health Service or Local Authority (including schools, colleges and social services).  There are organisations and schemes that loan low vision aid equipment for free which we can assist with contacting like the Low Vision Service Wales.

You may find it helps to look at online information or visit a resource centre to identify aids and equipment to help with living with sight loss.  Grants will be considered for specific items, or services upon receipt of an application form

VIB also provides an annual bursary to enable an individual to pursue an educational or sporting activity to better themselves or participate in a leisure activity on a regular basis.  We provide a cash sum of up to £500. .  Applications for bursaries will be considered for a specific activity upon receipt of an application form.

For ideas, or further help finding equipment or services suitable to your needs take a look at the Equipment/Service Provider page.


When applying for a grant or bursary please take note of the following rules:

  • VIB offers grants/bursaries to  benefit vision impaired residents of Breconshire
  • The reason for the grant/bursary application must be related to, or caused by the vision impairment.  (The VIB trustees reserve the right to decide if the need is closely related to the visual impairment)
  • A financial contribution from the applicant is expected.
  • VIB encourages applicants to consult with their rehabilitation officer or other appropriate professional on the appropriateness of the goods/service for the applicant.
  • If the professional or other party than the application makes the application, this should be indicated.
  • VIB requires that any relevant welfare benefits are being claimed by the applicant.
  • VIB will not contribute to the cost of the rental of equipment, library or other subscriptions, or for equipment to be used in a care home or other institution where a statutory obligation exists for the provision for client use.
  • VIB will make payment directly to the provider of the goods/services or will require a copy of the receipt for the purchase.
  • All grants and bursaries are made at the discretion of the VIB Executive Committee whose decision is final.
  • Applications will be considered within 2 calendar months from the submission of an application.

Application Forms:

Download Grant Form in PDF Format

Download Grant Form in MS Word Format